Workstation ISET Pro

ISET Pro is an imaging system developed by Samed for endoscopic training. It consists of the All-in-one PC system „DiCom MedX“, the software „Samed Didactics“ and the camera „DiCam Touch“. This system can be used for hands-on endoscopic training, workshops or product presentations. Optionally we offer further accessories to build up a complete mobile workstation.

The ISET Pro includes our software „Samed Didactics Demo“. For targeted training in endoscopic practice we recommend our software „Samed Didactics Global“


Parts of the ISET Pro eqipment are:

  • „DiCom MedX“ - AIO PC
  • Wireless keyboard with integrated mouse
  • Training camera „DiCam Touch“ with Touchpad
  • Standard Lens 25mm for all common endoscopic instruments
  • Software „Samed Didactics Demo“

Workstation ISET Pro
Workstation ISET Pro