ESWL mobil

Samed GmbH has its second business segment in the service sector. As an exclusive partner of EDAP-TMS GmbH, we take over the mobile service in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For over 35 years, EDAP TMS has been a leading manufacturer of lithotripsy systems. As a unique selling point, all Sonolith lithotripters from EDAP TMS use electro-conductive shock wave technology, a unique and patented process. This guarantees a particularly fine disintegration of stones of all kinds and sizes.

Sonolith i-move

The Sonolith i-move is a modular, extracorporeal shockwave lithotripter of the latest generation. Sonolith i-move’s patented electro-conductive technology and shock wave generator guarantee a particularly fine disintegration and effective treatment of all types and sizes of stones. This perfect combination of high pressure and variable focus sizes also avoids repeat treatments and stone streets.

During treatment, the high shock wave pressure of 1,440 bar can be set in 100 steps. The pressure in the focal point is measured in real time and automatically adapts to the required power. As a result, shock waves are identical for each discharge. Each patient benefits from the same quality of treatment through permanent pressure monitoring and control.

The treatment is painless for the patient, so that hardly any painkillers are required. Both children and adults can be treated.

With the Visio-Track 3D infrared ultrasound system, the doctor holds the ultrasound probe freely in his hand (free-line). He is not subject to any limitation during the search for the optimal sound window for locating the calculus. After locating, the system automatically moves the stone to the therapy mode. This allows a simple, fast and safe work and thus an effective treatment process. The simple viso-track location also allows stones to be brought into focus by means of ultrasound, for which X-ray detection has been used to date.

Focal One 500
Focal One 500

The treatment itself is not painful for the patient. He lies in partial or general anesthesia, so that he lies quietly on the operating table and does not move. Since the treatment is non-invasive, no wounds or burns occur.
It has already proven itself thousands of times in routine clinical operation worldwide.


Our mobile service for you as a clinic:

  • Assembly and disassembly of the treatment device
  • Commissioning and preparation for the day of treatment
  • Preparation of the treatment device between the treatments