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Samed GmbH has its second business segment in the field of services, whereby we are the exclusive partner of EDAP TMS GmbH and take over the mobile service in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. EDAP TMS is the leader in therapeutic ultrasound. EDAP TMS has been developing minimally invasive therapeutic solutions for urology for over 30 years. These innovations guarantee repeatable, positive results with little side effects and maintaining the patient’s quality of life

Focal One

Focal One 500


Focal treatment is limited to the part of the organ actually affected by a tumor, thereby sparing healthy tissue. This therapeutic approach has been used for many years, e.g. used in breast cancer by having organ preservation surgery.

In prostate cancer, it has long been common to always remove or treat the entire prostate. This is still the best way for some patients today, but advances in technology now allow a more sophisticated approach.

The Focal One treatment is particularly suitable for patients with local prostate cancer (stages T1-T2), who are unsuitable for surgery for health reasons or who do not want surgery. In addition, the treatment method is suitable as a so-called “salvage therapy” for patients who contract prostate cancer again after an external radiotherapy or brachytherapy.

The Focal One allows a targeted local treatment of prostate cancer in a single session and is characterized by few side effects and a short hospital stay. Treatment with Focal One is not a therapeutic dead-end, but is repeatable in the event of a recurrence. For example, a second Focal One treatment can be given six months after the first, and it leaves all other treatment options open.

Focal One 500

The treatment itself is not painful for the patient. He lies in partial or general anesthesia, so that he lies quietly on the operating table and does not move. Since the treatment is non-invasive, no wounds or burns occur.
It has already proven itself thousands of times in routine clinical operation worldwide.

Our mobile service for you as a clinic includes:

  • Assembly and disassembly of the treatment device
  • Commissioning and preparation for the intervention on the day of treatmen
  • Preparation of the treatment device between the treatments
  • Further information on the method or appointment booking can be found on hifuprostata.de