Workshop at the Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus Dresden

In November 2016 we organized the first workshop in the urology department together with the Dresden University Hospital and the WOLF company. 15 interns of the Urology took part in this event, which was organized by the senior physician at the Dresden University Hospital PD Dr. Huber was organized. At five stations, theoretical knowledge about treatment methods as well as practical implementation was conveyed together with experienced doctors.

At this event, in addition to prostate and bladder resection, the removal of stones from the urinary tract, stone fragmentation with Lithoclast and Holmium LASER as well as the placement of double J catheters were trained. Since the concept was so well received, this workshop will take place again next year. Doctors from neighboring clinics in the region should also have the opportunity to take part in the workshop. Since we have also recorded some actions, we can provide video material on request.