6. Urology Simulation Boot Camp 2021

As a sponsor, Samed was personally on site at the Urology Simulation Boot Camp in Leeds this year. We set up 2 PCNL-Trainers and our brand new Ureterotomy-Trainer for the trainees. Our Resection-Trainers for TUR-P and TUR-BT as well as Bladder Wash Out were allowed to train at 3 stations. The TUR-P was also an important part of the assessment on the last day of the 5-day course that every trainee had to go through.

Never before we have received so much encouragement and thanks for our work and products and have made some very good contacts. We are already invited to the Urology Simulation Boot Camp 2022 and look forward to the upcoming Obstetrics and Gynaecology Bootcamp (O&G Bootcamp) in November.