Urology Boot Camp 2016 in Leeds/England

The Urology Boot Camp took place in Leeds from September 15 to 19, 2016. This event was a five-day workshop with a final exam, in which future specialists can learn and deepen the practical handling of patients, treatment devices and various surgical techniques. The more than 30 participants had to go through several modules in which the main topics were discussed in detail. We at Samed GmbH Dresden were invited by the course director Mr. Shekhar Biyani for the first time and took part in the workshop with three resection trainers. The company STORZ supported us with technical equipment (HF generator, camera, instruments). Resection of the prostate and tumor resection of the bladder were offered in the training program. Our trainer was so overwhelmingly well received that all participants rated the trainer as very good on their evaluation sheets. Due to the closeness to reality, we were even able to prevail against the virtual trainer also offered in the module. The course management also chose our trainer for the exam. The enthusiasm was also carried over to the experienced urologist who was present, who also announced Iire recognition in social networks. These are also shared and can be viewed on our Facebook page. We are happy to provide additional image and video material.

Further training options with the resection trainer LS10

At the Urology Boot Camp in Leeds, another training option with the LS10 training device was recognized. After resection of the bladder tumors, the chips can be removed from the bladder model using an Ellik, just like in real treatment. In this way, the handling of this aid with the instrument could be demonstrated and trained on our trainer. The designated MediSkills trainer (Scope Trainer) was then only used to a limited extent, as the preparation and handling of the trainer as well as the learning effect were subject to the Samed trainer. If you are interested, image and video material about the handling is also available here.