Hysteroscopy-Trainer LS80

The hysteroscopy (uterine mirroring) allows the doctor to detect abnormal changes in the uterus and, if necessary, to surgically remove them. Often, young doctors are faced with the challenge of correctly guiding and operating the necessary instrument (hysteroscope), but also recognizing pathological structures.

With the Hysteroscopy Trainer LS80, the essential operations of the uterine mirroring can be learned and trained. For instrument and device manufacturers the Hysteroscopy Trainer LS80 should be part of the fixed equipment. Whether at workshops, trade fairs or directly at the customer’s clinic, with this training device you can practically convince your target group of the advantages of your products.

Resektionstrainer LS10 3.0

Trainingssubstrat LS80
Resektionstrainer LS10 3.0

The substrate developed by Samed replicates a realistic structure of the female uterus. The myomas and polyps shown in it can be removed by common methods such as electro-resection, LASER or a morcellator. As usual, the hysteroscope is inserted through the vagina and then through the portio into the uterus. The doctor has a real intracorporeal treatment environment.

Application example of the Hysteroscopy-Trainer