Hysteroscopy Trainer LS80

Hysteroskopie Trainer LS80



The hysteroscopy allows the physician to detect and if necessary to remove morbidly changed tissue in the uterus. Especially young doctors are challenged with handeling of necessary instruments (Hysteroscope) and with detection of pathological structures.


With the Hysteroscopy Trainer LS80 it is possilble to learn and train the basic movements of hysteroscopy. This trainig-device belongs to the basic equipment for manufacturers of medical devices. Whether on workshops, fairs or by Your customers, with this training-device You are able to give a persuading demonstration of Your products.

Myoma und Polypen im Uterus

The consumables developed by Samed model real conditions of the tissue and stucture of the uterus. For the excision of the shown myoma and polypi can be used currend methods like electro-resection, LASER or morcellation. The application is business as usual: entering the uterus through the vagina and portio vaginalis uteri. 

Application example of the hysteroscopy training device